September 17, 2016

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20/09/2016  --  Saagny Fall Showcase  --  Teaneck NJ  --  Usa

20/09/2016  --  Paperworld China  --  Shanghai  --  China

24/09/2016  --  Sabo Smart  --  Rome  --  Italy

27/09/2016  --  Jingle Bell  --  Milan  --  Italy

27/09/2016  --  Iaw Messe Fall  --  Cologne  --  Germany

28/09/2016  --  Licensingmexico  --  Mexico City  --  Mexico

28/09/2016  --  Reklama  -- Moskow  --  Russia

28/09/2016  --  Iberflora  +  Valencia  --  Spain

29/09/2016  --  Gifts Show  +  Bucharest  --  Romania

30/09/2016  --  Fespa Digital Textile Conference  --  Milan, Italy

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March 18, 2013

TP510 Aluminum Tripower_For Macs and PCs

Aluminum Tripower for Macs and PCs - USB Pen — TP510_64MB to 32GB with Laser Pointer (red or green led light) and ballpoint pen. Delivery in 30 days from Tripower Shanzhen - China   +++++++  ++++++

December 05, 2012

Going to Japan looking for electronic gadgets ?

Starting from January 2027 you'll have a new speed possibility in Japan when looking for electronics and gadgets. The new Maglev train Tokyo to Narita airport can offer to you a new fantastic speed (510 Km/h)

March 19, 2012

The Incentive Club: outlook 2012

 The Incentive Club - more than 240,000 partners worldwide - said 2011 was a very bad year for motivation activities, promotional campaign and incentive tours & premium travel. The research involved a global audience of more than 5,000 partners in 55 countries. Compared to previous years, 80% had a drastic reduction for all marketing and promotional activities including incentive trips, premium travels and promotional campaigns. Cost pressures, fewer clients and smaller budgets changed the criteria of booking a venue or launching a promotional campaign. Looking forward to 2012 the most important factor influencing decision-makers is uncertainty about the global economic outlook, but 51 % of partners feel confident about the sector’s prospects and 26% expect to hold a better number of activities this year if suppliers will be flexible enough and they will work more closely with agencies and meeting & incentive planners. ++++++++ ++++++++

June 30, 2010

PremiumTime is the official website of
The Incentive Club - 240,000 wholesale-only agencies worldwide - organising promotional campaigns, corporate training, product launches, staff training, parties, companies
celebrations and events, meetings, incentive travel, conventions or simply searching christmas gifts
for their customers.

Premiumtime é l' organo ufficiale di
The Incentive Club - 240,000 partners specializzati nella distribuzione di articoli promozionali e da regalo o utilizzatori di gifts e gadgets per eventi, meetings e congressi, partecipazione a fiere e workshops ecc. The Incentive Club è una partnership riservata alle agenzie di intermediazione e solo queste possono iscriversi alla comunità per scambiare informazioni e pareri.
Il portale è comunque libero ed accessibile a qualsiasi professionista del settore, aziende comprese.